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3 March
Vinyasa Yoga Flow

‘Vinyasa’ means a co-ordinated sequence of movements, synchronised through the breath, moving through postures with fluidity and connecting movement with concentrated effort and co-ordination. Classes will start with a warm up, moving into dynamic sequences to build heat and stamina, preparing t....

3 March
Therapeutic Yoga

The focus for these classes will be on encouraging ‘safe’ movement back into our bodies and freeing up wherever we are holding onto tightness or ‘ dis’-ease.  These sessions will be useful for everyone who wants a better connection with and understanding of their body – including those s....

20 June

Budokon is a mind and body art from inspired by the ancient traditions of Yoga, Martial Arts, Zen Meditation and the study of animal movement. If you enjoy power yoga and dynamic flow yoga styles, then you will enjoy this high-energy workout. Budokon will challenge you both mentally and physically a....

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