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A mini history.....

Yoga Classes in Guernsey - CarolineCaroline knew she was destined to become a Yoga teacher when she took her first Yoga class, aged nineteen, while studying to become a PE teacher.  There was something about it which drew her, the vitality and agelessness of the Yoga teacher, the physical and mental aspects coming together, she just knew Yoga was something she would return to once she had put more life experiences behind her.

She qualified as a PE teacher in 1983 and literally taught her way around the world during the next ten years. She holds a Degree in Movement Studies and has over thirty years’ background in sport and performing arts, competing and representing Barbados and Guernsey in Athletics, Great Britain in Duathlon and Guernsey in Cycling for a total of twenty-seven competitive years.

Caroline started her Yoga teaching career in 2006 and studied under the tuition of Wendy Haring of the British Wheel of Yoga (BWY), Anne-Marie Newland of Sun Power Yoga and Duncan Wong of Yogic Arts.  She holds the Advanced BWY Diploma which is a CYQ/YMCA Certificate at Reps Level 3 and is recognised by the European Yoga Alliance and the International Yoga Federation, the World Governing Body of Yoga.

She originally chose Sun Power Yoga, as she did not wish to be confined to one specific tradition. Sun Power is a flourishing and innovative style, perfect for our modern times yet still laced with traditional yoga principles. It includes Iyengar for alignment, Sivananda for subtle mind and body work and Ashtanga for heat, flexibility, strength and stamina.

Caroline later worked with Master Duncan Wong, creator of Yogic Arts, and is heavily influenced by his exciting, powerful and innovative style of Yoga.  The defining philosophy of Yogic Arts is ‘Inner harmony through pure self-expression’.  In 2010, she began training under the guidance of Kancho Cameron Shayne, the brainchild of Budokon, founded in 2000.  The word Bu-do-kon translates directly in Japanese as (Bu) Warrior (Do) Way (Kon) Spirit, or ‘Way of the Spiritual Warrior’. Caroline is proud to be the only fully recognised Budokon teacher (successfully completing her Red MMA Belt in 2011 & Budokon Yoga Primary Series teaching certificate in 2013) in the Channel Islands.

Caroline attended Advanced Teacher Training with Ana Forrest in 2013 and includes “Forrest inspired” teaching principles into all of her classes. Ana is one of the worlds’ leading Yoga Masters, who works specifically with therapeutic yoga and her mission is ‘healing the hoop of the people’. Caroline was thrilled to be told by Ana that she would gladly hire her!

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