Which class is for you?


Budokon is a mind and body art from inspired by the ancient traditions of Yoga, Martial Arts, Zen Meditation and the study of animal movement.
If you enjoy power yoga and dynamic flow yoga styles, then you will enjoy this high-energy workout. Budokon will challenge you both mentally and physically and, at the same time, increase your overall flexibility, core strength, agility, balance and mental focus.
Classes are for those with a good level of fitness and suitable for athletes from all disciplines. Results have shown less muscular injuries, increased range of motion, plus better mental focus and overall sense of well-being.

Restorative / Yin Yoga

Restorative / Yin Yoga offers our body the chance to rebalance and heal itself, switching on the Parasympathetic Nervous System. Poses are held for between 3 – 5 minutes with a relaxed, meditative awareness.

When we rest in this non-stressful state, our energy body rebalances naturally. As our energy harmonises, not only do our bodies open more easily, but our minds settle into an effortless, contemplative repose.

(Suitable for ALL levels, including beginners)

Five Elements Form




The Five Elements Form is an ancient tantric yoga practice which focuses on purification, healing and energising the five pancha koshas. It works on a much deeper and holistic level, encompassing the physical, energetic, mental, esoteric and bliss body states. Students will benefit from greater range of movement and greater stillness of mind.

Suitable for ALL levels of student, including Beginners)

“Among the great things which are to be found among us, the Being of Nothingness is the greatest. Leonardo da Vinci”

SunPower Yoga

SunPower Yoga is a flourishing, dynamic and innovative style, perfect for our modern times yet still laced with traditional Yoga principles. It includes Iyengar for alignment, Sivananda for subtle mind and body work and Ashtanga for heat, flexibility, strength and stamina.

SunPower Yoga classes include pranayama and guided meditation, sun salutations and vinyasa flow with emphasis on balance, followed by a series of guided asana.

Sun Power Yoga uses the image of the sun as a symbol of empowerment, hope, determination, letting go, warmth and light – a sun inside that allows us to shine from within, even on a dark winter’s day. The sun is a symbol of regeneration and healing.

(Suitable for ALL levels, including beginners)

Vinyasa Yoga Flow

‘Vinyasa’ means a co-ordinated sequence of movements, synchronised through the breath, moving through postures with fluidity and connecting movement with concentrated effort and co-ordination.

Classes will start with a warm up, moving into dynamic sequences to build heat and stamina, preparing the body for static strengthening and balancing series, ending with deep stretches, optional inversions, mediation and the best part – a guided relaxation.

This really is a truly holistic workout both physically and mentally. Benefits include toning and sculpting, decreased stress, increased energy plus an overall sense of well-being.

(Some previous yoga experience required).

Therapeutic Yoga

The focus for these classes will be on encouraging ‘safe’ movement back into our bodies and freeing up wherever we are holding onto tightness or ‘ dis’-ease. These sessions will be useful for everyone who wants a better connection with and understanding of their body – including those suffering from injuries, tightness or from general wear and tear, which is often from too much sitting hunched over a desk.

We will learn how to bring fresh oxygen, blood and nerve energy into areas where we may be holding onto pain and release toxins and tensions that may have accumulated, sometimes over many years. We will look at how to access and relax hardened muscles that have often been used to stabilise injuries and from habitual ways of standing / sitting.

NO previous yoga experience is necessary – these sessions can be for complete beginners, intermediate or even advanced students. All you need to have is an interest in feeling more at home and happy in your own body! It is advisable to sign up for the 4 sessions if you want to experience the benefits.

Sun Salutations